Oakland, TN bars and restaurants

Street Tacos

7020 US Hwy 64
Oakland, TN 38060
If you're looking for some delicious, fresh, and authentic Mexican street tacos, then look no further than Street Tacos on US Highway 64. You might be surprised that the restaurant is so good based upon its outside appearance, but you would be wrong to judge them on this. They have amazing, delicious food that will knock you out of your seat. They sport some very fresh and locally sourced ingredients that you are sure to love.

Olympic Steak and Pizza

6250 Hwy 64 Ste 12
Oakland, TN 38060
Olympic Steak and Pizza is one of the most beloved restaurants in all of the Oakland area, and for great reasons. They offer some of the absolute best pizzas around that you are sure to love. They make sure to only use the best, most authentic and fresh ingredients around. They make their dough fresh and from scratch every day, as well as their sauces. Their pizzas are cooked to a perfect crisp. However, their pizzas aren't the only thing that are great about this fantastic restaurant. They also have some juicy, tender steaks, Grilled Tilapia, and beyond. They are sure to have something that you love at Olympic Steak and Pizza.

Loven Fresh Baking Company

8305 Hwy 64
Oakland, TN 38060
Loven Fresh Baking Company is a fantastic family owned and operated restaurant that has a fantastic and wide ranging menu, which you are sure to find something that you love on. They have a clear and fantastic passion for the food that they make and the members of the community who come through their door. They have amazing hickory smoked barbecue, as well as amazing jumbo sandwiches. Don't pass up on their amazing variety of soda brands in cold bottles, as well as the local sauces that you are sure to love.

Brad's Bar-B-Q

6540 Highway 64
Oakland, TN 38060
If you're looking for some solid and delicious Memphis style barbecue then Brad's Bar-B-Q on Highway 64 is absolutely the place to go. The food is absolutely spectacular and they give you a ton of fantastic options, so no matter what your favorite barbecue meals are, you are sure to love the meal that you have at Brad's Bar-B-Q. They give you a crazy amount of food with each dish so you are sure to be leaving with some delicious, tender leftovers. The ribs are amazing and fall off the bone, the chicken is thick and juicy, and the burgers will leave you writing home about them.

Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi

7257 Hwy 64
Oakland, TN 38060
Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi offers some of the most rich and delicios Japanese cuisine in all of the Oakland area. They have a high standard of quality for their dishes and ingredients, making sure that every single thing that you order is fresh and spectacular. They honestly have some of the most fresh and delicious sushi that we have ever tried before, and that is truly saying something. The service at Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi is nothing to shake a stick at either, being that each and every server there is kind and helpful, no matter what day you go in or what time of day. Everything about Shogun Japanese Steak & Sushi is simply wonderful and we can't recommend it highly enough.

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