Covington, TN bars and restaurants

Little Porky's Bar-B-Q

105A Mueller Brass Rd
Covington, TN 38019
Little Porky's Bar-B-Q is the kind of place that instantly becomes your new favorite restaurant upon the first time you head there. It's because they have a great passion for the traditional way of doing things that makes them so unique and spectacular. Everything about Little Porky's Bar-B-Q will knock your socks off with how brilliant and delicious it is. They focus on the classic, Memphis style of cooking barbecue that simply can not be beat. If you are a fan of delicious, slow cooked barbecue then Little Porky's Bar-B-Q is the place to be in Covington.

Breakfast Cove

3419 Highway 51 S
Covington, TN 38019
Something you just need to sit back with a delicious meal and a fine breakfast with the family, and what better place to do so in Covington than at the Breakfast Cove on Highway 51? They are truly a fantastic family owned and operated restaurant that can not be compared to by any of the large chains who have only a fraction of the personality and passion offered by the folks at Breakfast Cove. If you are a fan of some nice, down home authenticity and a bit of fun and atmosphere then Breakfast Cove will serve you up some night, warm hospitality.

Wing Basket

713 N Main St
Covington, TN 38019
If you're looking for some delicious, tender wings to sink your teeth into, while kicking back a delicious brew then Wing Basket may just become one of your favorite spots in the area. They have all sorts of varieties of flavors and styles of wings that will keep you coming back for more. With the personality offered by all of the staff and the atmosphere at Wing Basket, you'll find yourself coming back week after week in order to continue to mix it up. Don't forget to try some of their great, hand crafted sides, such as their amazing chili cheese fries! And their rolls aren't anything to mess around with either!

Old Town Hall & Cafe

110 E Court Sq
Covington, TN 38019
If you're looking to take in some historic flavor of the Covington community while enjoying a relaxing and light meal then Old Town Hall & Cafe is the place to be. You can enjoy the gift shop and history of the historic building while kicking back with a nice hot tea, a hand crafted breakfast sandwich, or some delicious baked goods, made right in the Old Town Hall & Cafe itself. Old Town Hall & Cafe is the place to go for all sorts of members of the Convington community, and you'll find that you, yourself absolutely love heading there for a meal and some good times.

El Presidente

899 Hwy 51 N
Covington, TN 38019
Lovers of good, authentic Mexican food need look no further than Covington's own El Presidente when they're looking to get their fix. It is regarded by many in the area to be one of Tennesee's greatest Mexican restaurant. They hold great pride in their traditions and the meals that have come from their home country. They have been locally owned and operated ever since their inception, and they bring the old, home grown flavor of the Tennessee area to the traditional meals of Mexico. All of your favorite, traditional dishes are there, but you've never had them like this before! Do not sleep on this remarkable restaurant!

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