Arlington, TN bars and restaurants

The Brunswick Kitchen

5197 Brunswick Rd
Arlington, TN 38002
The Brunswick Kitchen is a spectacular family restaurant that you are sure to absolutely love. They have a very nice atmosphere that is often heralded as the "Cheers" of breakfast restaurants. Their food is absolutely delicious and has great prices at the same time. If you're looking for a place to pick up all of your down home favorites then The Brunswick Kitchen is the place for you.

Brendalay Grill

6259 Quintard St
Arlington, TN 38002
The Brendalay Grill has something for everyone. Part of the restaurant is fantastic for romantic dinners, with a remarkable, romantic atmosphere, and the other half of the restaurant basically acts as a Sports Bar with flat screen television sets and high-top tables. Their menu also reflects this adaptability with some delicious steaks, pastas, and crisp salads on one end, and great pub food like pizza and burgers on the other! There are so many great ways to appreciate a meal at Brendalay Grill!

Off the Hoof Burgers

12013 US Hwy 70
Arlington, TN 38002
Off the Hoof Burgers is one of the greatest places in all of the Arlington area to pick up some delicious burgers. They have a wide ranging menu of different burger types such as bison, kobe beef, turkey, hamburgers, chicken sandwiches, portobello mushroom burgers, and more! They offer a remarkable family environment that is great for any day of the week. They have been frequently voted as the Best Burger around and it is easy to see why.

Red Fish Sushi Asian Bistro

9915 Hwy 64
Arlington, TN 38002
Red Fish Sushi Asian Bistro is one of the best Japanese and Sushi places around, period. They offer a quaint and relaxing dining atmosphere with an excellent blend of bistro style Chinese and Japanese cuisines. They have only the highest standards for both their chef staff as well as their passion for utilizing only the best and most fresh ingredeints. You will love your experience at Red Fish Sushi Asian Bistro, without a doubt.

Cazadores Mexican Grill

11695 Hwy 80 Ste 110
Arlington, TN 38002
If you're looking for some absolutely delicious, fresh, and authentic Mexican food then you need to head over to Cazadores Mexican Grill. They have an absolutely spectacular atmosphere that is immensely festive, and the servers are always friendly and helpful. You will never feel like you have been forgotten about at Cazadores, and they will always make sure that you are happy and satisfied with your experience.

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